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August 18th, 2010 - September 1, 2010 (p 1)
randi_news_mod wrote in r_and_i_news
This is the first half of the newsletter for the past two weeks. The second half should be posted tomorrow. Because I didn't get last week's newsletter up, I didn't want to not post anything today, but I couldn't get everything finished tonight. So, look for a second edition tomorrow.

New Communities
rizzolislespics A graphics community

Secrets (p.5) (p. 6) (p. 7) (p. 8) by purpleangelsong
What She Did by purpleangelsong
Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered (p. 3) by wildwildwood
A Kiss With A Fist (Is Better Than None) (p. 1) (p. 2) (p. 3) by wildwildwood
Patience (p. 4) (p. 5) (p. 6) (p. 7) (p. 8) by lostxinmyxworld
Reassurance by caveat_reader
Under Covers Champion (p. 3) by art_and_lies84
Handkerchiefs by art_and_lies84
Fit by cleo2584
Ad Vitam (p. 4) by author18
Physics (p. 2) by author18
Glasses by author18
Newton's 3rd Law (p. 2) by jaigagne
Mother Knows Best by unfortunateggs
The Right Kind of Medicine by unfortunateggs
The Fight Response by fembuck
Covet by fembuck
I Tried To Tell You by blakeighhollis
Consider It by dartxni
Dreaming Of You by slayergirlkal
Fear (p. 3) by slayergirlkal
Bottom Drawer by exquisitliltart
All in a Morning's Work by ana_khouri
An Educational Trip (p. 1) by kryssabelle
Seen, Done, and Taught (p. 1) by kryssabelle
Handkerchiefs by art_and_lies84
Recreational Activities" by readthesubtext
Over Night (p. 1) by purrpickle
Body Of Evidence by faithinthepoor
Reciprocity by heartsways
Touched by heartsways
Capitulation by heartsways
Absent by cleo2584 and future_imp47
Kids (p. 1) (p. 2) (p. 3) by storm_8
Phallus Shaped Object by storm_8
Weird Morning by storm_8
Scar Tissue by xmerteuilx
Interruptions by xmerteuilx
After A Long Day by killcommonsense

26 icons by redwicons
8 icons by rocxmblover
20 icons by mcy19
24 icons by poisonedxxapple
12 icons by loveofcolor
22 icons by sotypical_icons
192 icons by kayryn
19 icons by icanbreakin
16 icons by jetgirl78
20 icons by paperwitch
44 icons by j19_icons
7 icons by fontcroire
55 icons by whitelder
15 icons by jetgirl78
27 icons by redwicons
18 icons by redwicons
20 icons by madefromdreams

1 wallpaper by poisonedxxapple
2 wallpapers by misicka47

.gifs from 1.06 by derealizeddream
.gifs from 1.07 by frenhu
.gifs from 1.07 by derealizeddream

1.06 screencaps at dragonofblack
1.07 screencaps at Eala icons

Do You Wanna Touch Me? by readthesubtext
Can You Feel My Heartbeat? by goldenbrown09
Nothing Else I Can Say by poisonedxxapple
I Am A Pirate, You Are A Princess by misicka47



Episode 1.07 at rizzoli_isles
Episode 1.07 at cl_rizzisles

Mixed feelings about Rizzoli & Isles by twtd

Subtext Review of "Money For Nothing" by thejollyape
1x06 I Kissed a Girl by rightclick5ave
See Jane Run by jetgirl78

kryssabelle wants to know if anyone would be interested in a quote collection.
kryssabelle links to a twitter list of the characters.
How to dress like Jane Rizzoli

Angie Harmon in the NY Post

We can also be found at The R_and_I_news_feed on Dreamwidth.

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