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August 18th, 2010 - September 3, 2010 (p 2)
randi_news_mod wrote in r_and_i_news
calleigh_j would like to remind everyone at rizzoli_isles to read the rules about promoting communities before posting to the com. The mod post is here

The Genesis of Maura Isles by xdawnfirex_fic
Male Bonding or Lack Thereof by lears_daughter

Drinking, Dancing, Fluff and Bass by storm_8
First Encounter (p. 1) (p. 2) (p. 3)by kryssablle
A Question of Science by mirellarussian
I Need Action, You Get Distraction by mirellarussian
Runner's High (p. 1) (p. 2) by megmorg7
Ophidiophobia by madeleine68
I Tried To Tell You (p. 5) by blakeighhollis
I Tried To Tell You (p. 6) by blakeighhollis
Antimatter by madeleine68
Patience (p. 9) (p. 10) by lostxinmyxworld
The Swan Song (p. 1) by lostxinmyxworld
Mother Always Knows by klutzy_girl
Haunted by klutzy_girl
Honey by sinadino
Trust by sinadino
The Darkest Nights by xmerteuilx
Well Researched by xmerteuilx
Ad Vitam by author_18
Leather Jacket by author18
Tease by author18
After the Race by ever_rational
I’m Sorry by hylen
Newton's 3rd Law (p. 3) by jaigagne
Locard’s Principle by faithinthepoor
Body of Evidence by faithinthepoor
Fuck Me Dead by unfortunateggs
Watch Over Me by unfortunateggs
Telephone by unfortunateggs
Comforts by cleo2584 and future_imp47
Five Times When Maura Isles Did Not Lie by misicka47
Death Over Life by misicka47
The Last Ones To Know by readthesubtext
Shelter from the Storm by tempest819
Dress her Up by killcommonsense
Getting There (p 12) by killcommonsense
Game Night 2: Simon Says by killcommonsense
Oh, It's Love by lears_daughter
According to Plan by lears_daughter
Season Tickets by slayergirlkal
Whipped by slayergirlkal
Noises Above by art_and_lies84
Antebellum Desire by heartsways
Kiss With A Fist (p. 4) by wildwildwood
You're My First, My Last, My Everything (p. 1) by cuzimastripper
No Man's Land by sunsetwriter

Fic Prompts
Challenge #3

36 icons by fracturedshapes
170 icons by kayryn
17 icons by whitelder
10 icons by icanbreakin
25 icons by kayryn
20 icons by mcy19
63 icons by sydneygirl1903
62 icons by whispersunreal
56 icons and 5.gifs by fancyicons
 50 icons by redwicons
by icanbreakin

25 .gifs by frenhu

4 wallpapers by misicka47

You Steal the Blankets While We Sleep, I Steal Your Last Beer by rocxmblover
Unlike Any Other by fanmix_by_lynxy
On the Edge of a Dream by kayryn
Through Your Kaleidoscope by eljay_earthgirl

Favorite Jane/Maura moments by vicodin_graphix

1.08 I'm Your Boogie Man at eala_icons

Physical by readthesubtext
The Whole Story by misicka47
Hot Mess by xdawnfirex
Easy Silence by lears_daughter
Parachute by onlyjustwhisper

Season 1 Episode 8 Discussion Post at rizzoli_isles

Subtext Review of Born to Run by thejollyape
Jane, you in danger, girl. by jetgirl78
Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? at After Ellen
Subtext Review of Sympathy for the Devil by thejollyape
I [Was] Kissed [By] a Girl by MormonLesbian
Born to Run by MormonLesbian
I'm Your Boogie Man by MormonLesbian

How to Dress Like Maura Isles

Angie Harmon on Chelsea Lately
Angie Harmon in Good Housekeeping

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